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Commercial HVAC


Commercial HVAC

Sentra-Sota Sheet Metal maintains and operates a complete HVAC system fabrication and installation department, performing hundreds of projects annually, ranging from large scale multi-story buildings to single room applications. Our clients include industrial, manufacturing, commercial property developers, medical facilities, food service industry, educational facilities and retail outlets.

Most of today’s HVAC construction projects incorporate extensive duct systems. Our experienced Field Sheet Metal Installers work together with our fabrication shop to insure the development of a quality product, in an efficient and timely manner.



Experienced Project Managers

Our team provides planning, execution, and successful project outcomes.

Efficient Sheet Metal Fabricators

Our sheet metal fabricators are masters of precision, delivering high-quality, tailored solutions.

Well-Trained Field Workforce

Our team is capable of performing all facets of HVAC installation.

Types of HVAC Projects

Plan & Spec Projects

We're dedicated to ensure that the HVAC system we design is not only functional but also optimally aligned with your project's objectives

Design & Build HVAC Projects

Our experienced team will complete the design, construction and installation of your HVAC system.


Our approach to customer satisfaction involves a dedication to quality, exceptional craftsmanship, and a steadfast commitment to back our work.

Our team works with many types of HVAC equipment including: