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Since our founding in 1982, Sentra-Sota Sheet Metal has acquired a well-trained, experienced employee base that can assist you in a wide variety projects including: HVAC, Architectural Metals and Custom Sheet Metal.

Sentra-Sota Sheet Metal, Inc. is dedicated to producing quality metal fabrications with craftsmanship second to none. We strongly believe that by integrating the latest technology into our services we can provide our customers with the best possible results. Competitive price, quality and timely turnaround are key to our reputation and success.

All Sentra-Sota employees are subject to routine safety and installation training. Our team is regularly introduced to new and improved methods of practice. We strive to provide our customers with the utmost quality, in a safe and cost effective manner.

Our History

Our History
Sentra Sota Sheet Metal


Sentra-Sota Sheet Metal, Inc. was founded on May 26, 1982 by Ben Bechtold and Jerry Vogt. The company name, Sentra-Sota, was selected in recognition of their central Minnesota background. With humble beginnings in their garages, both men dreamed of building a successful business in the HVAC and architectural sheet metal industry.


Their dream became a reality as the company quickly outgrew the confines of their garages. In 1984 they set up shop in a larger location on Roosevelt Road in St. Cloud, Minnesota.


As the company continued to grow the decision to purchase a building of their own was made. In 1990, Sentra-Sota Sheet Metal moved into its second shop on Clearwater Road in St. Cloud. Within a couple of years nine employees had been added to the Sentra-Sota Sheet Metal family.


Jeff Waletzko hired as Company Controller.


After many years in the sheet metal trade, Jerry Vogt decided to retire from the industry in 1996. His partner, Ben Bechtold, then took over full ownership of the company.


Sentra-Sota Sheet Metal continued to grow and expand; in September of 1999 they moved to their current home at 3075 3rd Street South, Waite Park, Minnesota. Over the course of the next 8 years, Sentra-Sota Sheet Metal expanded its employee base to 27.


In 2006, after 42 years in the trade, 24 of which he served as owner, Ben Bechtold retired from Sentra-Sota Sheet Metal, Inc. At that time, Jeff Bechtold and Jeff Popp purchased Ben's shares and took on their current roles as owner operators of Sentra-Sota Sheet Metal.


Third generation Tyler Bechtold joins the Sentra-Sota Team. Company celebrates 30 years in business.


Original founder Ben Bechtold passes away at the age of 72.


Jeff Bechtold achieves 35 years at Sentra-Sota.


Company celebrates 40 years in business. After 30 years of dedication Jeff Waletzko make a decision to pursue other interests and Jordan Barten begins as the new controller for Sentra-Sota.


Tyler Bechtold joins Jeff Bechtold & Jeff Popp as partner. Jeff Popp achieves 30 years at Sentra-Sota.

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Meet Our Team

Team Members


Jeff Bechtold

Vice President

Jeff Popp


Tyler Bechtold

Project Manager

John Notch

Project Manager

John Poganski


Jordan Barten

Office Manager

Lisa Klaphake