Sentra Sota Sheet Metal Since our founding in 1982, Sentra-Sota Sheet Metal has been an industry leader as a fabricator and installer of HVAC and Architectural Sheet Metal, as well as, a Custom Sheet Metal fabricator.

Sentra-Sota Sheet Metal, Inc. maintains and operates a complete HVAC system fabrication and installation department, performing projects ranging from large scale multi-story buildings with extensive duct systems to single room applications. We have experience in working on several LEED projects. Our clients include residential, industrial, manufacturing, commercial property developers, retail outlets, food service industry and medical facilities all over central Minnesota.

Sentra Sota Sheet Metal Sentra-Sota Sheet Metal is also an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of architectural and custom metal products, including metal wall and roof panels, gutters, fascia (flashing) and copper roofing. Our fabrication shop, located in Waite Park, Minnesota consists of experienced metal fabricators, as well as, a complete line of state-of-the-art fabrication equipment used for many commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Quality and craftsmanship, together with the commitment to stand behind our work, is the foundation of our success and will continue to insure our success now and into the future.

Sentra Sota